• Grad Fair 2011

    GradCru Group Email List: “The Update”

    Want to know what's happening with GradCru? Self-subscribe to the GradCru Group email List -- what we call "The Update" --...

  • Mens Bible Study Group 2012

    Bible Study Groups

    This Fall we’ll study 8 themes from 1 John — “Our Christian Identity: Experiencing Authentic Fellowship...

  • Intl Grad Students 2012

    International Graduate Students

    International Graduate Students from many different nations have been involved with GradCru. GradCru is a wonderful opportunity...

  • Aruna 5K 2013

    Aruna 5K Race

    Aruna 5K Race...

  • Getaway 2013

    GradCru Getaway Fall 2013

    We’re excited about the Getaway on Saturday, October 26, 2013. One Saturday to consider an important topic for our...

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